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Friday, February 28, 2014

Brief Writing


This post may not be directly on point with the topic of this blog.  But the attached brief is inspiring.

Or, maybe the post is related to the topic of this blog.  Law students are facing a busy and pressure-filled time -- whether they are first-year students or upper-level students.  The semester will rapidly come to a close, with all of the anxieties that attach to that time of the school year. Students may be seeking assistance  as they prepare persuasive briefs for their first-year and upper-level writng courses.  Students may be questioning their motivation for attending law school.

The attached amicus brief was written by a Michigan high school student.  The student filed the brief in the Michigan Supreme Court in connection with three cases pending in that court.  The cases arise under  Miller v. Alabama, the SCOTUS decision prohibiting  mandatory sentences of life without possibility of parole for juvenile offenders. 

Download FGR Amicus Curiae Brief

(Myra Orlen)

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