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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Am a Scientist

After my last post, several people asked me what questions I ask students after a bad first semester.  For all of my poor-performing students, I point out the importance of studying what happened in the past semester and learning from mistakes, and then I give them a form asking:

1.  How often did you attend class?  If you missed classes, why?

2.  How many Academic Success Workshops did you go to?  Which ones?

3.  Did you go to tutoring?  How often, and for which classes?

4.  Did you go to your professor's office hours?  Which ones?

5.  In legal writing, when did you do your assignments?  Were you able to turn in multiple drafts?

6.  How much time each week did you spend reading cases and other assigned readings?

7.  When did you start your outlines?  Did you make your own?

8.  How many practice questions did you do?  In what classes?

9.  Did you use commercial outlines or other materials?  Did you use them to make your outline?

10.  Did you have a set schedule?  (Please attach)

11.  How did you prepare for exams?

12.  Describe your typical exam writing experience.  Did you have problems with time management?

13.  What were your grades?  Were they what you expected?

14.  Have you reviewed your exams?  Which ones?  What weaknesses did you see?

15.  Did you meet with your professors to go over exams?  Which ones?  What weaknesses did they see?

16.  What do you think you need the most help with?

17.  What do you think you need the least help with?

18.  Is there anything else that happened last term that got in the way of law school?

19.  Have you ever been tested for any academic disability?  Do you have any accommodations in taking your exams?


(Alex Ruskell)

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