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Friday, January 25, 2013

I Forgot to Attend Civil Procedure -- All Semester!!!!

I had my Civil Procedure dream the other night. Ever since law school, I have had a recurring dream that I was enrolled in Civil Procedure but forgot to attend it until the week before finals.

What is it about law school that so unnerves us? I graduated, passed two bars, practiced without committing malpractice that I know of, and became a professor.

But still I regularly dream that I forgot to attend Civil Procedure and have to take the final exam. My professor is going to be so mad.

Do you worry that you are a failure? Me, too, sometimes. Do you think you have no business in this profession? Me, too, sometimes.

The trick is to refuse to believe your fears. Press forward and learn well. Keep going and find that perfect fit for yourself in this profession. Do not aim low when it comes to jobs -- aim high for the perfect fit and take what comes. What is the worst that can happen? You don't get the high flying job of your dreams? You will find the right job if you stay persistent.

When you do not get the "perfect offer" from some firm or agency, just say what I always say: I've been thrown out of nicer joints than this. Then laugh off the fears and aim high again.

Dan Weddle

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