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Saturday, February 18, 2012

ASP position at CharlotteLaw

Charlotte School of Law is still looking for a Director of the CharlotteLaw Program for Academic Success.  The institution benefits from a dedicated, collegial and supportive faculty as well as academic success counselors who are devoted both to helping students and to continually developing their expertise in teaching and learning. The institution also values innovation and is interested in finding someone with experience developing programming for advanced students.


Please feel free to forward this announcement to your friends and colleagues in the field who may be interested.  Applications may be submitted online at the school’s job announcement website at:

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Friday, February 17, 2012

ASP and Professionalism position at UF

The University of Florida Levin College of Law is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Dean for Academic Support & Professionalism.  The Assistant Dean for Academic Support & Professionalism is primarily responsible for developing, leading, coordinating, and implementing programs that support the College of Law’s goals of assisting law students as they develop and improve legal study and test-taking skills, adjust to the challenges of law school, pass the bar exam, and prepare to enter the legal profession.  The duties include administration of various components of the academic and bar support programs which include, but are not limited to, designing academic support for students, assisting students with basic writing and analytical skills, conducting various academic success and bar preparation workshops, and collecting and evaluating data to help assess the effectiveness of the academic and bar support programs.   Academic Advisement duties include working with faculty and relevant faculty committees to develop career-focused academic advisement materials and ensuring appropriate periodic review of the materials and programs.    The Professionalism duties include assisting the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in designing and developing programs and resources for students to promote a culture of professionalism at the law school in coordination with the Center for Career Development, as well as, coordinating with faculty on programs related to professionalism.  The position is a full-time, non tenure-track academic staff position.  This position reports to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.


The Assistant Dean for Academic Support & Professionalism must relate well to students and have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate professionally through both verbal and written means.  The Assistant Dean must demonstrate the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituents within the diverse law school community, including students, faculty members and the law school administration.  The Assistant Dean must protect the confidentiality of information by preventing the unauthorized release of confidential information, both verbally and/or in writing as well as demonstrate a capacity to work with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. 


To apply, please go to:; Refer to requisition 0810562

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resource for Students Studying for the MPT

As many of us know, the best way to prepare for an exam is to first know the exam and the skills it will test. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for the Multistate Performance Test allows for greater success on this portion of the bar exam. For this blog post, I am reviewing Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT) by Mary Campbell Gallagher.

The Multistate Performance Test is a closed universe legal writing problem that tests essential lawyering skills in a timed session. The National Conference of Bar Examiners drafts two MPTs each bar administration. Jurisdictions select whether they want to include one or two MPTs on their bar or whether they prefer to include a state written MPT on their bar exam. Over 35 jurisdictions currently include the MPT as a component of their bar exam. Therefore, this MPT resource is relevant to many ASPer's, law school students, and recent law grads.

In Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test, Mary Campbell Gallagher sets out a "Four Part Perform You Best MPT System". This system is laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step approach with detailed directions and benchmark timing guidelines for each step. Since applicants only have 90 minutes to complete each MPT task, efficient time management is essential. These timing guides are right on the mark and will help ensure that students begin their MPT study routine with these important time limits in mind.

In addition to the time saving system for organizing and drafting MPTs, Dr. Gallagher has also included several sample MPT Tasks with analysis, sample answers, and her MPT Matrix. By having several different MPT tasks to practice, applicants will feel more prepared for what the examiners decide to include on their upcoming bar exam. Reading and understanding various task memos will also allow applicants to easily adjust their approach, tone, and format.

Practicing MPTs, creating a system for approaching each type of task, and self assessing individual strengths and weaknesses are beneficial tools for MPT preparation. This book is useful for students in early bar prep during law school or as a supplement to their bar prep materials during their bar review period. I encourage you to check it out and to recommend it to students that may need extra help with the MPT.

(Lisa Young)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lawyering Instructor at CUNY Law

The Law School seeks applicants with a demonstrated commitment to our social justice mission for a

full-time teaching position. The Law School Instructor hired in this cycle will primarily teach First-Year

Lawyering Seminar, the foundational course in CUNY School of Law's nationally recognized lawyering

curriculum, with particular focus on the training development of public interest/public service lawyers.

Spanning all three years of law school, the Law School's lawyering curriculum was hailed by the

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in its 2007 Report, Educating Lawyers:

Preparation for the Profession of Law. CUNY Law innovatively and successfully integrates students

learning of practical skills and the ethical demands of professional identity with their learning of legal

theory and doctrine. The Law School's First-Year Lawyering Seminar teaches legal analysis, legal

writing, professional responsibility, and other lawyering skills by integrating clinical methodology with

substantive, theoretical, and doctrinal material. Using simulation exercises and hypothetical cases,

students role-play lawyers, clients, judges, and/or legislators confronted by legal issues arising from

material in their other first-year courses. The Lawyering Seminar focuses on the ways in which lawyers

work and think in various areas of practice, with a focus on public interest law. Students develop their

analytic skills by writing and revising legal documents on which they receive feedback and critiques.

They also acquire new qualitative skills, such as active listening, collaborative problem solving and

decision-making, self-evaluation, and ethical reasoning. Students are encouraged to develop critical

awareness of the social, legal, philosophical, political, and psychological content of their work. The Law

School views these perspectives as central to a future lawyer's understanding of his/her status and role,

including the mandates and aspirations of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct. Second-Year

Lawyering Seminar and required clinical courses in the third-year build on the skills learned in the first

year. The Instructor may, in accordance with the law school's needs, teach additional lawyering

seminars, a doctrinal course, and/or provide academic skill instruction or other program support. This

position is full-time and the instructor will be expected to teach and/or assist with the design and

development of curriculum materials during the summer. The Law School Instructor will be responsible

for committee work and such administrative, supervisory, and other functions as assigned. In their first

two years of service, Law School Instructors may opt into participating in faculty meetings, pursuant to

the CUNY School of Law Governance Plan. Instructors may assume other faculty governance

responsibilities and serve on committees as appointed by the Dean or Committee on Committees. Upon

reappointment for three or more years of continuous service, Law School Instructors may participate in

governance activities without an annual opt-in process. Law School Instructors will perform other related

duties as necessary or as directed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

This position may include weekend and evening hours


A J.D., L.L.B., or Ph.D. in a law-related discipline. Also required are demonstrated legal ability, the ability

to teach successfully, interest in productive scholarship, legal work, or law-related work, and ability to

cooperate with others for the good of the institution.


Demonstrated outstanding qualities of personality, character, legal ability and commitment to public

service or public interest law. Minimum of five years experience, excellent writing skill, and substantial

experience teaching in the areas of legal writing, lawyering, and legal analysis/legal methods. Additional

doctrinal teaching experience, particularly in the area of commercial law.


$39,832 - $86,595; commensurate with experience.


CUNY offers a comprehensive benefits package to employees and eligible dependents based on job title

and classification. Employees are also offered pension and Tax-Deferred Savings Plans. Part-time

employees must meet a weekly or semester work hour criteria to be eligible for health benefits. Health

benefits are also extended to retirees who meet the eligibility criteria.


Job Opening

1 of 2 2/1/12 3:03 PM

To apply, go to, select "Employment", and "Search Job Listing". You will be prompted to

create an account. Return to this job listing using the "Job Search" page and select "Apply Now".

For position inquiries contact:

Rosa Navarra

Coordinator of Faculty Recruitment


Open until filled, with review of resumes to begin February 15, 2012.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Assistant Director for ESL Services Position at Northwestern

Northwestern University School of Law is currently accepting applications for the staff position of Assistant Director of International and Area Studies (also known as Assistant Director for English as a Second Language (ESL) Services).  The Assistant Director for ESL Services will be responsible for creating, developing, and implementing comprehensive ESL services for international students in the JD, LLM, SJD, and pre-LLM programs, which typically have a combined population of approximately 200 ESL students.  The full job description is included below.  

To apply for the position, please submit the requested materials online at using the instructions below.

Job Title:  Assistant Director of International and Area Studies (also known as Assistant Director for English as a Second Language (ESL) Services)           

Job Summary: 

The Assistant Director for English as a Second Language (ESL) Services is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing comprehensive ESL services for international students in the JD, LLM, SJD, and pre-LLM programs, which typically have a combined population of approximately 200 ESL students. 

The Assistant Director for ESL Services will occasionally be required to work after 5PM and over the weekend during Orientation Week and for several early evening receptions. 

Specific Responsibilities: 

Creating, developing, and implementing comprehensive ESL services for international students, including:

  • Developing assessment methods and criteria for evaluating incoming ESL students’ abilities, evaluating the students’ abilities based on those assessments and criteria, and, on an individual basis, communicating the evaluations to the students along with recommendations for participation in ESL Services;
  • Creating, developing, and teaching a comprehensive ESL curriculum designed to support students’ knowledge and understanding of American law and legal processes and communication and understanding of legal analysis, along with writing and presentation skills;
  • Developing and implementing the suggested curriculum and content for and creating ESL discussion groups, recruiting and training faculty and alumni volunteers for ESL discussion groups, and coordinating with the Department of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to secure CLE credit for faculty and alumni;
  • Developing and implementing the suggested curriculum and content for peer writing tutor program, recruiting and training student volunteers for peer writing tutor program, determining appropriate assignments of students to tutors based on ESL ability and areas of need, and supervising and providing ongoing guidance to tutors;
  • Creating, developing, and teaching a comprehensive ESL curriculum for small group sessions focusing on listening and pronunciation;
  • Counseling individual ESL students on writing and communication;
  • Holding drop-in office hours for ESL students;
  • Assessing appropriateness and type of mid-term and final exam accommodations for ESL students;

Serving as a backup for the Director of International Programs, including:

  • Developing a communication strategy and writing content for the international programs web pages, advertising material, and alumni and volunteer communications;
  • Developing goals and objectives, along with a curriculum for orientation activities for international students;

Advising on the development of the curriculum of the pre-LLM summer program;

  • Overseeing and assisting in managing the budget for ESL Services;
  • Supervising International Fellow and Program Assistant, along with all students employed in International Programs;
  • Advising faculty teaching ESL students on effective and appropriate teaching and evaluation methods, and providing particular support for faculty teaching ESL students in the Communication and Legal Reasoning Program, including advising in development of curriculum for required courses;
  • Performs related duties as required or assigned. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in education & experience;
  • 2-4 years’ experience working with international populations; administering, creating or managing programs; or similar;
  • ESL certification or the ability to become certified within 6 months of hire;
  • Significant experience working with lawyers; law students or similar or a JD degree;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, ability to relate to and interact with diverse constituencies;
  • Some supervisory experience;
  • Equivalent combination of education, training and experience from which comparable skills can be acquired. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Experience living or working abroad or with international students, ability to converse in more than one language;
  • Equivalent combination of education, training and experience from which comparable skills can be acquired. 

Minimum to Midpoint Salary: $45,160 to $56,450 

As per Northwestern University policy, this position requires a criminal background check.  Successful applicants will need to submit to a criminal background check prior to employment. 

Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

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