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Friday, November 9, 2012

Why I Work in ASP - Part II


Grace Wigal, Teaching Professor and Director of Academic Excellence Program, at West Virginia University College of Law has been working in academic support for 20 years.  She responded to our request for ASP'ers to comment on why they work in academic support.  Grace writes: 

"I work in academic support because it is challenging and rewarding.  Most students in law school will benefit from support services at some point in their law school career, thus, the work that we do allows us to make a difference in many, many lives!"

Thank you, Grace, for being so devoted to helping law students succeed.  We are all grateful to have you as a colleague!

Please join your colleagues in sharing why you work in academic support.  Send the following information to me (e-mail in left-hand column): number of months/years in ASP work; link to your faculty profile on your law school web pages and/or a small jpeg photo; your title; your reason for working in ASP in 50 words or less.  (Amy Jarmon)    

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Power of Dreams Plus Encouragement

Texas Tech School of Law has had a partnership for seven years now with the Law and Justice Magnet Program at one of the local high schools that has predominately minority student enrollment.  Recently I had lunch with the LJMP instructor.  We are both passionate about the partnership and were discussing plans for next semester.

We started the partnership for several reasons.  First, it allows us to support the high school's efforts in increasing student awareness of legal issues and potential careers in law.  Second, it provides us with an avenue to encourage students to stay in school, continue on to college, and enter professional education after college.  Third, it provides opportunities and role models for students who have dreams to reach beyond their backgrounds and become success stories for their families.

Some of the aspects of the program are:

  • Upper-division law students who are selected as Dean's Community Teaching Fellows to assist at the high school in the LJMP courses.  These DCTFs mentor individual students, participate in the classroom experiences, and help coach the mock trial team for the Texas high school competition.
  • Mini-classes for senior students in which we discuss fact patterns and cases as well as legal research.  The Legal Practice professors provided us with 1L legal memorandum packets that we modified for high school use.  The law librarians assist with the legal research component.
  • VIP attendance at a variety of law school events.  For example, the students have attended lectures with Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Stephen Breyer.  They have attended hearings in front of the Texas Seventh Court of Appeals.  In several cases, the students have had the honor of being photographed with our guests.
  • Donated items for the LJMP library of study aids that cover civil and criminal topics in their courses. 

Will all of the students end up at Texas Tech School of Law?  Will all of them become lawyers some day?  No.  But that is okay. 

We definitely want to see the diversity of the legal profession increase and some of these students will become lawyers.  They may not attend Tech Law, but the legal profession will benefit.  

However, if all of these high school students become successful citizens and reach their dreams, we will also have succeeded.  Whether they become police officers, forensic scientists, lawyers, doctors, small business owners, nurses, teachers, or meet other career goals, they will have followed their dreams. 

Most importantly, they will have known that we believed in them and their futures.  They will have had our encouragement and support.  (Amy Jarmon)


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Academic Success/Bar Prep Position at Wayne State

Wayne State University School of Law is looking for a Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation.  The link to the job ad can be found below (Academic Advisor II Dean's Office School of Law).

Wayne State University Law School

Posting 039085

Applications are online through the university employment website.  

The Academic Advisor II is committed to student achievement and will be primarily responsible for developing, leading, coordinating, and implementing programs that support Wayne Law's goals of improving students' academic success and success on the bar examination.

Coordinate Bar Preparation Program

* Develop a comprehensive array of bar preparation services for J.D. students at Wayne Law

 * Teach (or co-teach) a series of bar examination workshops for third-year students

 * Counsel students who are preparing to sit for the bar examination and help them develop and execute customized study plans and strategies for passing the bar exam

 * Provide analysis and feedback to help students improve their examination writing and test-taking skills

 * Provide individual counseling and review essays etc. for repeat bar takers

 * Develop and run programming related to the bar application process and the bar examination, with an emphasis on Michigan and the Multistate Bar Examination  Coordinate Academic Success Program

 * Design and implement an academic success and support program, including individualized assistance, with an emphasis on developing skills that will assist law students in improving academic performance

 * Coordinate and conduct ASP workshops for first-year students on topics such as time management, effective note-taking, outlining and examination preparation

 * Conduct group and individual counseling sessions, and develop individualized remediation and referral programs for law students at all levels who are in need of academic support, including students on probation

 * Provide learning assessments to address basic grammar and (non-legal) standard English writing skills, conduct appropriate workshops and/or provide referrals to appropriate resources to support fundamental writing skills, all in support of the Practice Skills curriculum being taught by the legal writing faculty as well as other courses taught by various faculty

 * Develop a student academic mentor program and provide training, facilitation and supervision for the student mentors

 * Gather, compile, and report statistical data regarding student participation in, and impact on student performance of, the various ASP offerings

 * Serve on Wayne Law and University committees, as assigned

 * Undertake other duties related to academic support, success, retention and bar preparation as assigned by the Assistant Dean of Students  

Unique Duties / Qualifications

  * J.D. degree from an ABA-accredited law school, be admitted to the practice of law in at least one jurisdiction and possess strong academic credentials

 * Excellent interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituents within the diverse Wayne Law community, including students served by the ASP, faculty members and Wayne Law administration

 * Must be able to work independently in a highly organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasking, fast-paced environment  

Preferred Qualifications

* At least three years' experience working in a law school, teaching legal writing or other classroom teaching, or in academic assistance or academic counseling

* A law school GPA of 3.0 or higher

* Ability to manage a variety of projects while ensuring appropriate tracking, quality control, follow-up and multiple deadlines are met

* Strong organizational and time-management skills

* Availability to work at evening and weekend ASP programs, as required

* Experience with diverse student populations: ethnic, gender, age, economic level, etc.

* Ability to work effectively with students of varying levels of academic preparedness  

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