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Friday, March 9, 2012

Reminders for those looking for ASP positions

Amy and I have run a number of posts on looking for work in ASP. Here are some updates and reminders.

1) Search the older posts from this blog. Rather than restate my advice, I will tell you where to find it.

2) Don't rely on the ASP listserv or this blog. Some schools only post to their internal website; be sure to check out HR websites. And check as well; it is another place ASP jobs can show up.

3) Try to figure out what schools are really looking for when they post an ASP position. I am seeing some (great!) changes in ASP job notices, with a shift towards practical legal skills training as a part of ASP. What is ASP at one school is not ASP at another school. Be sure you understand what they are looking for in an applicant before you apply.

4) It has been said before, but it is worth repeating: please don't apply to ASP positions because you hope to "back door" into doctrinal teaching. It is not a good a idea for you (you will wind up frustrated) or your students (who will know you are not in the job for them, but for advancement to another position). (RCF)

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