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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Newcomers to ASP work - let us introduce you

It is the time of year for us to include spotlight postings on the blog to introduce all of the new folks who have joined ASP in recent months. To do a spotlight, we need a small picture, a brief bio, and a link to your faculty profile if you have one on your law school's web pages. If your faculty profile includes a photograph, we may be able to use that one instead of your sending an additional photo file. We are also happy to post information if you have switched law schools but stayed in ASP work. Send your information to Amy Jarmon at Welcome to ASP!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Save the date! NECASP Conference, 12.5.2011

SAVE THE DATE! December 5, 2011

ASP Without Stigma: Serving Our Diverse Populations

Please save the date for the 3rd annual New England Consortium of Academic Success Professionals (NECASP) conference, ASP Without Stigma: Serving Our Diverse Populations. The conference will be December 5, 2011, 9-2:30, hosted by Boston College Law School, Newton, Massachusetts.

More details will be coming in late September. Hope to see you there!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Report from the LSAC Newcomers Conference, “Helping the Helpers: ASP Basics From Orientation to the Bar,” August 4-6, 2011, Western State College of Law

Report from the LSAC Newcomers Conference, “Helping the Helpers: ASP Basics From Orientation to the Bar,” August 4-6, 2011, Western State College of Law

by Jeremiah Ho

As executing feedback and assessment was one of several common themes running throughout the most recent LSAC Newcomers Conference held earlier this month, I thought I would share that the most common feedback I heard at the conclusion of the conference titled, “Helping the Helpers: ASP Basics from the Orientation to the Bar,” was that we, as ASP professionals, don’t get together and share our great ideas nearly as often enough as we should.  And if that feedback was the prevailing sentiment, then I would assess that the conference itself, which was hosted by Western State College of Law in Fullerton, California, was a veritable success.  Below is a list of presentations that explored the various aspects of academic support teaching from Day One of law school to the bar exam:   

“Maintaining Balance in Your Life and Work:  A Special Challenge for ASP Professionals” by Paula Lustbader

“Creating Collaborative Environments:  An Introduction to Team Based Learning” by Sophie Sparrow

“Making Ourselves Smaller:  Interactive Teaching and Class-Led Learning” by Kris Franklin

“Listening Well: The What and Why of Hearing What Students Have to Say” by Marty Peters

“Learning Outside the Box: Assisting Students that Learn Differently” by Leah Christensen

“It’s Both What You Say and How You Say It: Supporting Self-Determined Learning” by Paula Manning

“Envisioning Your Program” by Laurie Zimet

“Because Otherwise They’ll Be Disoriented: Developing a Student-Centered Orientation Process” by Jeremiah Ho

“Between the Bookends: Creating ASP Courses to Fill the Gap between the First Semester and Final Year” by Courtney Lee

“Managing, Maximizing & Motivating Student Leaders” by Brendon Taga

“Top Ten Design Decisions for a Bar Prep Program” by Barbara McFarland

“Designing a Bar Prep Course that Offers More than Substantive Review” by Lisa Blasser

“Assessing Skills:  A Taxonomy of Cognitive Legal Learning Objectives and Outcome Measurements” by Hillary Burgess.

Much thanks goes out to the organizers for putting together a comprehensive event that allowed seasoned ASPers from all over the country to share ideas and to welcome new colleagues into the field.  But if you ask me—someone who was a “child” of ASP during law school and now teaches in ASP world—the presentations provided information and ideas helpful to everyone working in ASP, regardless of experience. 

The first day of the conference was kicked off with a warm and engaging plenary about the profession by the always-lively Pavel Wonsowicz.  Then the following days were devoted to three important components of our profession—our students, our program, and our own sense of professional well-being.

There were insights by Paula Lustbader in a presentation that dealt with self-care as an ASP professional, reminding us of the thought that you can’t give away what you don’t have and so it is important to maintain a sense of balance and well-being in a world where it’s often hard for us to naturally say no.  Then the narrative of the conference transitioned to issues of student-care with a series of presentations covering team-based learning methods by Sophie Sparrow, techniques for bringing interactive learning into the classroom by Kris Franklin, how to develop effective listening skills by Marty Peters, helping law students with learning disabilities and different learning styles by Lean Christensen, and optimal ways of setting an environment for self-determined learning by Paula Manning.

Finally, the conference focused on program-care with presentations on the envisioning process for developing an ASP program from the ground up by Laurie Zimet, how to humanize the law school orientation process by yours truly, teaching ASP courses to upper-division students by Courtney Lee, motivating student leaders by Brendon Taga, 10 great design questions every bar prep program should ask of itself by Barbara McFarland, designing a bar prep course that veers beyond substantive review by Lisa Blasser, and on a new innovative taxonomy of law school learning developed and presented by Hillary Burgess.         

But outside the classroom and after each day was done, there was much time spent out in the crisp California weather as we got to know each other during activities that the conference organize, including dinners at both Downtown Disney and the Huntington Beach Pier.  With the right balance of work, play, and inspiration amongst a terrific group of colleagues, no wonder the common feedback was that it’s a shame we don’t do this quite as often as we should.          

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