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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mixed emotions upon the end of 1L year

Do you vividly remember how you felt after your last exam for 1L year?  After your grades for 1L year came out and you knew you had passed?  After you put "2L" on some form or application for the first time?

Even though it has been a number of years since those events occurred in my life, I still remember exactly how I felt.  Current rising 2L's will often talk with me about their mixed emotions at the end of their 1L journey.

There is the exhilaration of knowing that 1L year is finally over.  For most students, the fall semester dragged out while spring semester flew by.  

There is euphoria knowing that a well-deserved summer break is in front of you.  Sleep, movies, long workouts, family, friends - a potpourri of forgotten pleasures awaits you.  

There are pride and awe realizing that one not only survived, but developed analytical and writing skills that were unknown or untapped just ten months earlier.  And, one can now speak a foreign language known only to attorneys and law students.

There is sadness that you will not be in every class over the next two years with the close friends you made in your section.  Your terrific study group is now dismantled - probably forever.

There is relief that certain students in your section will no longer be in every class with you over the next two years.

There is the uncertainty of juggling academics, part-time work, student organization responsibilities, and personal responsibilities during the upcoming 2L year.  Do they really "work you to death" now that they are done "scaring you to death" during first year?

There is the excitement of going into upper-division classes in summer school, working at one's first legal summer job, or beginning an internship or externship in the legal field.

There is the realization that, good or bad, there will never be another 1L year when it was all new, exciting, a bit frightening, and an adventure. 

There is the amazing opportunity to put into place new strategies and techniques to become more efficient and effective at studying.

Congratulations to all of you who are rising 2L students!  Enjoy your summers.  Come back in August refreshed and ready for new challenges and advanced skill use in your learning.  (Amy Jarmon)

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