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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Etiquette - times seem to have changed

Some days it strikes me how very different the world is for our current 20-something law students from the world where most of us have grown up, started working, and lived our professional and personal lives.  Although my concerns might reflect my age (and my more prevalent gray hairs), I think there are some basic life skills/habits that most ASP'ers over 30 grew up with that some of our students desperately need to acquire if they will succeed in the workplace. 

Here are some items that some members of this newer generation of students seem unfamiliar with from their past experiences:

  • One should come to an appointment or meeting with paper and a writing instrument (or electronic gizmo) for notes.
  • One should look at one's Outlook, planner, electronic calendar ap, or hand (for the ink on palm types) after noting an appointment so that one actually shows up for the appointment.
  • One should not text, take phone calls, or check e-mail during an appointment or meeting.
  • One should not talk to others in class while the professor is leading the class.
  • One should always be prepared for classes, meetings, appointments, etc.
  • One should e-mail or telephone ahead to cancel an appointment with a professor or administrator so that the opening can be given to another person.
  • One should e-mail or telephone a professor or administrator to apologize for missing an appointment because of a sudden emergency or oversleeping.
  • Standing appointment times mean just that - they are regular unless one asks to cancel or modify them.

Why do I bring this up?  Today I had three "no shows" as well as one timely cancellation.  I had other students who had wanted appointments today but could not match times on my calendar - those students could have used the "no show" times, however, if the spots had been properly cancelled.  (Amy Jarmon)

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