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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please help us with contact information for your school for the upcoming ASP Survey

As was mentioned in an earlier posting on the blog, The Law School Academic Success Project is undertaking a survey of academic support programs/staffing with the assistance of LSAC.  So often we wish we had information about what other law schools are doing in the ASP area.

We need your help in making sure that your law school's correct contact person gets the survey.  Now is your chance to assist in assuring that we have the best data collection possible from all of us about our staffing patterns and program details.

John Mollenkamp posted an announcement on the ASP listserv several weeks ago. I have included his request below.   (Amy Jarmon)


As you may already know, we're trying to develop a Survey of Academic Support Programs in hopes of gathering data about what programming different law schools offer (and what staffing those programs have, among other things). Those familiar with the Legal Writing Survey may be glad to know that our planned survey is MUCH shorter.

But, to have a similar response rate (even for a shorter survey), we're going to need to find out who should answer the survey at each law school....

You can help us now, though, by coming forward (by reply e-mail OFF-LIST to and giving your name, school, and e-mail for purposes of getting the survey answered. If you have multiple folks at your school who might be interested in answering the survey, you'll need to collaborate and decide which person will be the contact person and the one to receive the survey (though you can all work on answering it). If we don't know the "right" person, we'll probably ultimately send it to a Dean found via a web search with hopes of it getting forwarded. This is not nearly as good, of course, as getting it directly to the person who knows the answers already.

Thank you for your help in getting the ASP Survey off to a great start. I'm also glad to answer any questions you might have about this project.

John Mollenkamp

Clinical Professor of Law

Director of Academic Support

Cornell Law School

(607) 255-0146

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