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Monday, June 8, 2009

LSAC Academic Assistance Workshop-St. Louis

I  was not able to make all the breakout sessions because I don't have the power to be in multiple places at once, so I am covering just a 1/3 of what was presented. I heard only rave reviews from attendees at all the sessions, so I want to give a shout-out to everyone at the conference.

LSAC-St Louis started with a bang; a video starring Russell McClain of U Maryland Law School about a day in the life of an ASPer. It was hysterical, and very true. It is something I think many of us wish our Dean's would watch.  The de-briefing segment run by Paula Manning was hysterical.  Paula does a wonderful job of keeping us all in line.

Next up was the magnificent Joanne Koren of U Miami on building an academic support team. I think we all watched and wished we had the sort of supportive and giving faculty and administrative team as Joanne. She did leave us with some fantastic techniques for building our "show" at our own school. 

Because I was the presenter, along with Amy Jarmon, of ASP 101 and 202, I was notable to attend the other breakout sessions for the first afternoon. I can chime in by saying that I have previously attended Russell McClain's "Happily Singing the Blues" session, and it is one of the best, most innovative, presentations I have been a part of since I joined ASP. I have heard from fellow ASPer's that the faint of heart and the painfully shy may be a bit reticent at joining into the festivities of this session. To say any more would ruin the surprise (and purpose) of the presentation. 

Chris Hawthorne and Joan Van Tol did an amazing job of being both informative and hysterical explaining the new changes to FERPA and how that might impact our programs. I did not think it was possible to make FERPA amusing, but Chris Hawthorne of Loyola LA managed to do it.  I would suggest anyone that works with student TA's should get a copy of their handouts.

I will summarize Friday and Saturday's presentations tomorrow. 

Due to some technical difficulties, my PowerPoint for ASP 202 did not work as planned at the conference. I will try to attach it to this blog post. Please feel free to use and share the PowerPoint, but remember to give me some credit...I worked hard putting this together, even if you didn't see it at the conference!

Download ASP_202[1]

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