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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warning: Toxic Environment

As the exam period is getting closer, more students are telling me that they are having difficulty studying at the law school.  Stress seems to be in the very air that students breathe.  Some students are irritable and taking it out on others.  Some students are predicting gloom and doom.  Rumors about professors' past exams or grading curves are on the increase.

Law students need to escape negative vibes in order to keep their focus and lower their own stress levels.  For some students, their apartments are not good options because of distractions such as television, the bed, or video games. 

Here are some places that law students can consider for studying if they need to escape the law school but cannot go home: 

  • Other academic classroom buildings on campus.
  • The main university library on campus.
  • Meeting rooms in the university Student Union. 
  • The business conference room or other areas in their apartment complex clubhouse.
  • Sunday School classrooms at their church (with permission of the church staff).
  • Coffee houses, fast-food restaurants, or 24-hour restaurants (with purchase every few hours and a big tip for the wait staff).
  • The branch locations for the public library.

Some students will find that changing locations every few days will help them stay motivated and focused.  Others will thrive on a routine and prefer to go to the same location regularly.  (Amy Jarmon)

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