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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Suggestions for starting an ASP Resource Center

This is a cross-post that also went out to the ASP listserv. However, I think this information would also be helpful to schools without an ASP professional, but would like to set up an ASP resource center in the library, within Legal Writing, or independently.

Credit for this goes to Louis Schultz of New England Law School, who started the listserv thread, and then compiled the responses in one document.

Responses to inquiry re: academic support resource center


Resources for understanding particular subjects

*          Understanding series (Lexis)

*          Examples and Explanations (Aspen)

*          Emanuel (some responders were disinclined to recommend this source to students)

*          Gilberts (some responders were disinclined to recommend this source to students)

*          Crunchtime (“they have more visual parts - flowcharts and such for the visual learners”). 

*          The “Acing” series (Acing Civ Pro, Acing Evidence, Acing the Bar Exam, etc.) 

*          Bar/Bri books (sometimes donated by students).

Resources for understanding law school, law exams, or legal analysis

*          Fischl & Paul, Getting to Maybe

*          Michael Hunter Schwartz, Expert Learning for Law Students

*          Ruth Ann McKinney, Reading Like a Lawyer

*          Herb Ramy, Succeedinn Law School

*          Carolyn J. Nygren,  Starting Off Right In  Law School (CAP)

*          West Publishing Co. “Introduction to Law Study” and “Law Examinations in a Nutshell.”  Responder recommends 1971 edition.

*          Foundation Press: “Academic Legal Writing.”

*          Thompson/West:  “Scholarly Writing for Law Students.”

*          Leif Carter, Reason in Law

*          Ruta K. Stropus & Charlotte D. Taylor, Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School

*          Nathan L. Essex , A Teachers’ Pocket Guide to Law School


Practice Questions.

*          Siegel’s Series (essays and some multiple choice)

*          Q & A (multiple choice)

*          Exam Pro (West Group) (Civ Pro and Property apparently are popular)

*          Kaplan/ PMBR Finals Series

Bar Exam Resources

*          Bar exam questions, printed from state bar examiner websites.

*          NCBE Multistate Bar Exam practice questions. 

*          Denise Riebe & Michael Hunter Schwartz, Pass The Bar!

*          100 Days to the Bar


 *          Law in a Flash (flash cards) (Emanuel)

 Audio Sources

 *          Kaplan's PMBR 1L and 2L Complete Success Package audio MP3 set (it was free)

*          First year program by Gilberts. 

*          The Sum & Substance series (CDs – very popular)

*          Law School  Legends Series (CDs)

Virtual Resources

             *          Brooklyn law school on-line workshop materials

*          St. Louis U academic success online tips. 


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