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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reminder: NE-ASP Organizational Meeting TOMORROW at New England Law School

Tomorrow is the first New England Regional ASP Meeting.  It will be held at New England Law School in Boston.  This will be an organizational meeting, and we will be discussing a variety of issues. I am posting the agenda so other regions can use this as a possible jumping-off point for organizing their own groups.  An abbreviated agenda follows:

Goals of NECASP
    1.    Discussion of methods of Academic Support?
    2.    A forum for presentation of academic papers?
    3.    A forum for presentations of a more practical nature?
    4.    Should we do more than just hold conferences? 
    5.    Should the organization provide leadership opportunities for those in the field?

Format of NECASP.
    1.   How often should we meet?
    2.    When should conferences be held? 
    3.    Should each conference be practical or should one of them include more academic topics?
    4.    To what degree should we restrict or direct the topics? 
    5.    Should each conference focus on a specific theme?
        (i.e. Learning Disabilities, ESL, Pipeline Initiatives, Learning Styles, Bar Exam) or should presenters         be given wide latitude to choose their own subject?

C.    Organization of NECASP
    1.    Should there be officers, a steering committee, or no formal leadership?
    2.    Does this organization require the formality of by-laws?

If you have any questions about the meeting tomorrow, such as how to get to NE Law, please contact Louis Schultze at

I will be posting a report from the meeting shortly.

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