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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two resources for non-read/write predominant learners

As students are gearing up for finals, I have received a number of requests, and corresponding reviews, of help for students who are not predominantly read/write learners.  Here are a couple of my suggestions for these students that have received positive reviews from their peers:

For aural learners: The Gilbert's Legends Series and the Sum and Substance Audio Series.  One of the neat suggestions a students gave me was to "talk back" to the CD's, and turn the listening experience into an argument, or discussion.  When something on the CD is confusing or leads to an ephiphany, stop the CD and talk  to yourself about it. Ask questions of the material, like a dialogue with the CD.  Students often have the answer to their own questions, but need something to spark their understanding.  A caveat for law students reading this post--these CD's are NOT a replacement for class, but a chance to review and condense the material.

For visual learners: Inspiration software. For students who like to create diagrams, mind maps, and charts, Inspiration turns traditional outlines into these visual learning tools, and can change visual tools into a traditional outline. The Inspiration software has a free 30-day trial. Attached is my intentional tort chart, created with Inspiration software; you may need to load the Inspiration software on your computer to see the chart Download intentional_torts.isf


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