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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Germ Warfare

The law school has been attacked by the first onslaught of cold and flu season.  I have been tempted to replace the large candy bucket in the office with an enormous vat of steaming chicken soup.  I am constantly dispensing tissues as well as advice during appointments.  I find that my advice has started to sound very much like my mother. 

Although much of what I say is common sense, my law students have forgotten these tried and true measures because they are so intent on doing well and not missing too many classes.  I find myself repeating the following litany multiple times a day:

  • Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay home in bed while you are contagious.
  • Go to see the doctor if the illness pesists.
  • E-mail your professors to let them know that you are ill and will not be in class.
  • E-mail any appointments to let them know that you are ill and will have to reschedule.
  • Get notes from classmates as soon as you return to school.
  • Go in to see your professors to ask questions about the material once you have reviewed the notes.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day to avoid a new germ contingent that is on the prowl.
  • Start getting more sleep, eating better, and taking vitamins so you will not have a relapse.

After the stream of sick humanity through my office, I started to succumb myself.  I went home early to chicken soup and extra sleep.  So far, crisis averted.  Knock on wood.  (Amy Jarmon)

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