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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Summer, and Here I Sit

Our law school is almost a ghost town.  There are a few summer school students here each day.  A few faculty members are in their offices.  But, mainly, there are only administrators and staff in the building.

The skies are blue.  The temperatures are soaring (over 100 degrees too many days and too early in the summer).  Golf, swimming, and trips to the local lake sound like good pastimes.  And here I sit. 

This time of year is my program time.  I just finished teaching in our summer camp for pipeline students at a local high school.  I am working on my teaching materials for our intensive summer course that starts in mid-July for a small group of 1L's with great potential but low LSAT scores.

This time of year is my project time.  I am re-writing various training manuals.  I am writing letters for student academic petition packets.  I am working on tutor room assignments for the fall.  I am revising my manual for probation students. 

This time of year is my planning time.  I am planning new workshops for the 1L students.  I am planning my orientation talk.  I am planning the fall calendar for our pipeline activities.

This time of year is my purchasing time.  I am making purchases of new editions of study aids and new series of supplements for the study aids library.  I am purchasing texts for our summer program.

Although I am a bit envious of my foot-loose faculty friends, I am thankful for some quieter days to work on all of the things that are impossible to get to during my hectic regular semesters.  And, I count down the days until I leave for my annual lecturing-researching trip abroad - my very own bit of summer.  (Amy Jarmon)

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