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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Developing rubrics for students to self-correct practice exams

As the semester winds down and exam prep speeds up, I am working on a rubric for students to self-correct practice exams.  I am developing the rubric for several reasons, the most pressing is time management. I
can't give feedback on practice exams for all the students that schedule time with me, so I need a tool to help them help themselves.  A generic rubric that provides students with a guide to self-correcting exams needs to be broad but specific to law school exams, be easy to use and explicit where students needs help. 

This is my work-in-progress template. I welcome any feedback, comments, or suggestions, as I know many of my fellow ASPer's have developed rubrics in the past. (RCF)


Is there a broad issue statement?










Does it mirror the call of the question?
















Is the rule clearly and explicitly stated?










Is the rule broken into elements?










Are the elements correctly stated?










Is each element discussed sequentially?










Are all the elements discussed?
















Is the element matched to relevant facts?








**Are cases used to compare and contrast facts and   rules/elements?


**if relevant and appropriate for the question






Are all problematic facts discussed? 


 If   no, list
















































Are any arguments dismissed without discussing both sides (pro/con, yes/no,   applies/doesn’t apply)










Are relevant policy concerns discussed?
















Does the analysis conclude?








Is the conclusion consistent with the analysis?












Each idea is in a new paragraph.










Sentences are clear and concise


(no run-on sentences)








Sentences are complete.
































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