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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Using the Star Strategy to Case Brief

I am reporting from the Learning Differences Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Lynn Melzer, PhD, of the The Research Institute for Learning and Development, developed a strategy for students with strong visual preferences to map information. Called the “Star Strategy”, this strategy would be wonderful for our visual learners to use as a case briefing method.

 In contrast to the traditional case briefing system that is very linear for a visual leaner, the Star Method conceptualizes law as a dynamic system. Each case is an interaction between facts, parties, procedure, and systemic restraints. Shift one part of the star, and other sides shift as well.

(I can't add the visual of the Star Strategy, but it is a Star of David or interlocking triangle design, where each open point is space to write. The center of star is the rule, and each point would be labeled

1) Procedural History--Time
2) Procedural History--Place/Jurisdiction
3) Facts
4) Parties
5) Rationale
6) Thoughts)

* For those interested in the visual for the Star Strategy, please email me and I will send a

For more information on the Star System in general, see Strategies for Success: Classroom Teaching Techniques for Students with Learning Differences, 2nd ed., Melzer, Roditti, Steinberg, Biddle, Taber, Caron, Pro-Ed Publishers

(Rebecca Flanagan)

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