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Friday, March 14, 2008

Report from the SALT Conference: Teaching for Social Justice

Today was the first day of the SALT Conference on Teaching for Social Justice. This is a topic close to many in ASP.  Many of our students came to law school with an intense passion for justice, and it is a continual challenge to keep that fire going after grades and class rank come out. I am hoping this conference can provide some ideas on how to keep that fire going through meaningful activities and lessons.  I have some spectacular colleagues from Vermont Law School presenting here, and I am also here to cheer them on. 

Elizabeth Pendo from Saint Louis University presented on her work creating a student program with the Florida Health Care Ombudsman Committee.  She presented some great ideas on how to engage students in a program where they can really help people and see the power of a law degree, regardless of class rank.  This is an idea to pass on to externship/internship directors looking for new opportunities for students, and a great opportunity for ASP prof's to encourage students to participate in a program to help the community and renew their commitment to the legal profession. 

More updates to come...
(Rebecca Flanagan)

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