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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tip from Professor Burgess

In response to a recent blog, Professor Hillary Burgess (Rutgers) ... sent the blog this comment . . .

I recommend Julie Morgenstern's Time Management From the Inside Out. Here basic plan is to sort tasks, purge roles and tasks you don't have time for, then allot a specific time each week for the remaining tasks. She recommends making a master schedule that you will follow generally week to week, changing as needed for things like doctor's appointments. I have found master schedules really help to identify, "If I don't use this time to do X, I won't have time to do it later," rather than looking at a day as a big blanket of time that somehow gets eaten up each day.

BurgesshillaryI read some of Julie Morgenstern's work a few years ago when a law student brought me a book saying, "This book saved my [academic] life!"  I agree, Hillary (pictured here), it's certainly worth taking a look at!  (djt)

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