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Friday, September 21, 2007

Scholarship Funds for Wingspread VIII P20 Pipeline Conference

There are Texas scholarship funds available for Texas law school team members that do not have other funding to attend the conference.  If you have a Texas law school team with the public/private schools or with colleges that works on a pipeline program, you may qualify for the scholarship funds.  The Texas Bar Foundation has provided a generous $20,000 grant to fund Texas teams.  There are also some limited funds available for California teams and teams from other states.  First come, first served for scholarships! 

Information on the conference is given below including the link to the web site.  If you want more information specifically about any possible scholarship eligibility for your team, contact Dr. Amy L. Jarmon, Assistant Dean for Academic Success Programs, Texas Tech University School of Law at

The Wingspread 8 Conference information can be found on the web site for Texas Wesleyan School of Law.  Just click on the conference link on the home page for the law school.  The conference general announcement is included below:

Wingspread VIII, Fort Worth, TX
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
October 4, 5, 6, 2007

$125, which includes all meals beginning with dinner on Thursday evening through lunch on Saturday.

Starting Thursday evening, ending Saturday after lunch
PLUS Saturday meeting with medical and dental school team

About Wingspread: Wingspread is the collaborative national organization for professional school involvement in pipeline initiatives, an informal consortium with distinctive appeal, strengths, and impressive loyalty among its participants. It offers a highly placed and visible constituent base for national policy leadership and success in conceptually framing and drawing attention to the issues around diversity and the law community and the need for systemic and systematic change; enhancing the intellectual presence of law schools and their sister professional schools in the field of pipeline issues as participants, conveners, and collaborators; emphasizing, inspiring, and creating teams to work along the educational pipeline in site-specific projects; and assuring that lessons learned are lessons shared.

Wingspread involves a group of over 40 law-schools working with teams that includes P-20 educators, the bench, and the bar, all committed to working collaboratively across the educational continuum to improve the participation, persistence, and success of diverse students in high school and college. The goal of the group is to enhance these students’ aspirations and capacity to move into positions in the legal profession and in the leadership of the nation.

The 8th meeting of the group is focused on team-building and on action plans for collaborative improvement in outreach along the pipeline. The meeting also brings the law pipeline group together with their colleagues in medicine and dentistry. Specific sessions will include Wingspread for Newcomers; Law-Themed Curricula and Schools including both elementary and law magnet programs; Perspectives from our Sister Professions; Prelaw Programs; and the View from the Bench and the Bar. And, of course, Texas barbecue!  (Amy Jarmon)

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