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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

Each week seems to fly by faster than the one before it.  I keep thinking that the semester will hit a nice routine.  However, study skills workshops have now joined student appointments, walk-ins, special projects, class sessions, and meetings on my calendar.  It is times like these that I remind myself that ASP professionals also need to use stress busters.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Increase your number of hours of sleep each night by one to wake up more refreshed.
  • Go out to eat lunch occasionally so that you get a break rather than eating hurriedly at your desk.
  • On the days that you pack a lunch, close your door so that you can have some undisturbed down time without questions and walk-ins (and indigestion!).
  • Take the stairs to give yourself a bit of exercise during the day.
  • Walk to a meeting on main campus instead of driving for some exercise as well.
  • Mark off project time on your calendar during each week so that you can have uninterrupted time to focus.
  • Break your "to do" list into smaller steps so that you have a greater sense of accomplishment crossing off stages of a larger project.
  • Do a few relaxation exercises throughout the day to ease your computer posture.
  • Remind yourself at the end of a day of three ways that you helped make a difference for your students.
  • Read some inspirational sayings or scriptures each day to promote a positive outlook.
  • Talk to five students in the student lounge and encourage them - you will feel better for it.
  • Limit the number of hours you will stay late or the work you will take home so that you have more time for yourself and your family.
  • Make a crock pot your best friend for your nutritional freedom from "what's for dinner" decisions.
  • Pick an empty day on your calendar in two weeks time to keep clear from appointments and treat yourself to a vacation day (even if you will just sleep late and stay at home).
  • Attend a conference with your wonderful ASP colleagues to get renewed and supported in your work.
  • Telephone someone who will be happy to hear from you and will not ask you for anything at all.

Ahhhh...I feel better already.  (Amy Jarmon)

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