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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Practical Article on Brief Writing

You may be interested in a new article designed to offer a succinct, straightforward guide to effective persuasive writing, with examples. In describing the article, author Sarah Ricks says that a common problem plaguing many briefs is the inability of writers to see their briefs from the point of view of "the busy judge or inexperienced law clerk."  The article suggests how to use the reader's perspective to avoid ten of the most common errors that weaken a brief's persuasive impact.

She and a practicing attorney, Jane L. Istvan, co-wrote the article, basing it on a series of CLE's the two taught.  The article is "Effective Brief Writing Despite High Volume Practice: Ten Misconceptions That Result in Bad Briefs," forthcoming in Toledo Law Review and available at SSRN: < >  (Dan Weddle)

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