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Friday, October 6, 2006

Workshop in New York

Kris Franklin has asked me to post an announcement of what looks to be a great workshop coming up.  Below is the announcement. (dbw)

The New York Area workshop, originally scheduled for the second weekend in November, has been moved to November 17th. We were not aware of the LSAC southwest regional ASP conference when we chose dates for our NY area workshop, so, to avoid that conflict we have rescheduled our meeting. 

Almost everyone who responded to our initial e-mail was excited about a two-day event, but were unable to agree on which two days of the week were best.  So instead, we will do an intensive full day workshop on Friday, November 17, at Brooklyn Law School.

The morning session will be focused on our own professional development.  Each of us should be prepared to explain to the group some project that we are beginning to, or would like to, undertake.  The projects described can be anything that would help us grow in our jobs, which might mean ideas for writing, teaching, building new programs, and so on.  We will offer feedback and assistance to each presenter in turn. 

The agenda for the afternoon session is open.  We ask that each participant lead a short discussion (about 20 minutes or so) on a topic of your choosing.  Examples of things that people have done in the past that were very helpful include: sharing specific exercises that have worked well with students; explaining what they have learned about working with students with learning disabilities; asking for collaborative brainstorming from the group about a particular problem they want to tackle with their students or in their schools.  We are not asking that people be masters of what they talk about, only that each of us share our thoughts, questions and expertise in a structured way.

If you have read carefully you’ll have figured out by now that we are actually asking those who come to present twice.  We hope that everyone will take us up on that, but we won’t be rigid about it – if you would prefer to present in only one of the sessions, that’s fine, too.

We plan to start the morning workshop early (breakfast will be provided!), break for lunch (that too!) and work through the afternoon.  We hope everyone will also be able to join us at a local restaurant for dinner. 

For people outside the immediate NY area, this will likely mean at least an overnight stay on Thursday and perhaps Friday as well.  This is a small gathering rather than a formal conference, so we are not charging for attendance and will not be able to arrange hotels, etc.  But if you want recommendations for local hotels let us know, and if you would like to come but think that your travel budget might not cover a hotel for a one-day workshop, Kris can probably have one or two people stay at her house.  Just ask.

If you plan to attend, please e-mail Kris Franklin at or Linda Feldman at and let us know what topic(s) you would like to discuss.  We will circulate a full agenda in a few weeks.  If there are short materials that you would like us to circulate to workshop participants before the event, please send it by Tuesday, November 7.

            We hope this sounds interesting to you and that you’ll be able to join us on the 17th.

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