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Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Newest Member of Our Editorial Team

Jarmon1 We're welcoming another familiar face to the blog today.  Amy Jarmon is joining us as a contributing editor.  She has a long history of helping students succeed, and we are looking forward to hearing from her regularly on the blog.

Amy was hired to develop the first academic success program for Texas Tech School of Law in 2004.  Although her program serves all 650 law students, she works also with students on probation and teaches in the month-long Introduction to Legal Studies course for entering 1L students whose predictors are lower than those of their classmates. Prior to her move to Texas, Amy was the Director of Academic Success Programs and Acting Assistant Dean for Law Student Services at University of Akron School of Law. 

In her first career, Amy worked in decanal positions with undergraduate students for 17 years and spent 10 of those years working in a “bridge position” between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to assist students in achieving their potential inside and outside the classroom.  Amy is a licensed attorney in Virginia and on the Roll of Solicitors for England and Wales.  She teaches Comparative Law: The English Legal System as an elective course for upper-division students. (dbw)

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