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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Later today I will take my six-year-old for a doctor’s appointment. Her doctor’s office happens to be located inside of Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital in Boston is the most amazing medical facility that I prefer walking away from (with my child) each time we go. We were lucky to have it near our house (one subway stop away) when my daughter needed emergency care there a year and half ago, and we were luckier still to have left there the next day, healthy.

What does this have to do with Academic Support?  Maybe not too much, but I think what I learn about life and perspective just by walking through the lobby at Children’s Hospital and to the doctor’s office each time I go might be a valuable reminder for our students. I usually leave our appointments weak-kneed and giddy with relief. The sun is never warmer and sky is never bluer than the moment we leave and rejoin our lives.

But I cannot help thinking of the people who are still there. There are the parents of the children without hair and the parents who look tired and pained. We were the tired and pained ones once—for a day and a half—and had it been longer I surely would have melted into the ground and been tracked on the bottom of someone’s shoes. And then, of course, there are the children themselves.

I did not set out to be maudlin when beginning this post; but my point is this: law school exams rank very, very, very, very low on the unpleasant scale of life when you have some perspective. (ezs)

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