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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Workshop in Rhode Island

Further information regarding the Northeast Regional Academic Support Workshop

Q. When is it?
A. Thursday, June 15 (starting at noon) and Friday, June 16 (all day).

Q. Where is it?
A. Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Q. Who should attend?
A. Those who are (relatively) new to academic support in law school, and those who are instituting new academic support programs at their schools.

Q. How many may attend?
A. Maximum: 40.

Q. What topics will be addressed?
A. Presently scheduled workshop topics include  ...
    • Whom we support   
    • Academic support for students with LD/ADHD            
    • What new ASPers should know, including “political” issues, and program evaluation basics
    • Interrelation between Academic and psychological (etc.) counseling
    • Teaching students how to answer exams
    • My first year in ASP & yours ... what to expect
    • Ask the experts

Q. Who will be presenting?
A.  Presenters include: 
     Lorraine Lalli, Roger Williams Law
     Ellen Swain, Vermont Law
     Darby Dickerson, Stetson Law
     Linda Feldman, Brooklyn Law
     Pavel Wonsowicz, U. Nevada Law
     Herb Ramy, Suffolk Law
     Natt Gantt, Regent Law
     Dan Weddle, U. Missouri (KC) Law
     Kim Baker, Roger Williams Law
     Others to be announced later
     [Do you want to present?  Alert me and we can discuss it.]

Q. How much will this cost?
A. Registration fee: $50, which includes all materials, lunch and dinner on Thursday, and light breakfast and lunch on Friday.  Registrants will pay for their own travel and lodging.   

NOTE: Summer in Bristol, RI, is a tourist-heavy time.  Book soon to obtain lodging.  Call Tracy (below) for more travel information after visiting the web sites below.

Q. Where is Rhode Island?
A. Visit:  The closest Airport is T.F. Green airport (Providence).  Logan airport in Boston is about one hour away (more time if traffic).

Q. Where is Roger Williams University School of Law?
A. Visit:

Q. How do I secure a spot at the workshop?
A. Send an email to Administrative Assistant TRACY SARTRYS.  Her address is  You may reach Tracy by phone at (401) 254-4647.  Because of limited space, only “for sure” reservations will be accepted.

Q. Where can I stay?
A. Newport is about 30 minutes south of Roger Williams University. Providence is about 20 minutes north of the school.  The (above) websites should be your guide.  We will assemble some more detailed local hotel information soon, and forward it to those who plan to attend.  (djt)

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