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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Top Ten Mid-March ASP Nags

After seeing a number of students over the past few days (post-Spring break), I realize that I am basically saying the same things at each meeting.  So here, for your distributing pleasure, is my top-ten list of things I nag students about in Mid-March.  Enjoy!

  1. Yes, you really do need to do your own outlining. The person who gave you theirs probably did get an A in the class because he/she did it themselves and did not rely on any one else’s outline.  You only get 50% of the benefit in having someone else's outline as opposed to 100% of the benefit of writing your own.
  1. Neither Mr. Emmanuel nor Mr. Gilbert will be giving you your exams.  Do the reading your professor assigned.
  1. Go to class. Go directly to class. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00.
  1. Go to the Dean’s office and request accommodations for your exams if you need them. Do it now because there is a deadline, and no, I don’t think the deadline can be extended and/or waived because of your disability. When should you go?  NOW!!!
  1. Think about whether you are typing or writing your exams and do something about it now if you plan to type. There is a deadline (see above for deadline stuff).  Again, I recommend doing it NOW!!!
  1. If you are tan (from the sun, a spray-on tan is ok) after spring break, I will know you did not do the reading, outlining and exercises we discussed.  You may look great, but that tan will fade before exams and the reading and outlining requirements will not.  Get back to work!
  1. Do at least 10 multiple choice questions a day in the subjects where they will appear on your exams. 4 out of 5 ASP professionals recommend it and the 5th one says, “Do 15.” 
  1. Get old exams from the library website and answer them. Go talk to your professor after you’ve done it and ask for feedback.  This is the most valuable study aid known to mankind (and by mankind, I mean ASP professionals).  Are you giving your professors what they want on exams?  This is a question best answered before the exams start.
  1. Get to know your exam schedule now and try to pre-plan your studying accordingly. (See my rant from last semester on “exam plans.”)
  1. Come see the ASP office to talk about exams and to borrow study aids. You can test drive a variety of materials before spending a lot of panicked money by stopping by to see us. We are here to help. (ezs)

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