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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stress Relief at Last

Although I cannot claim to be an avid reader of Woman’s World magazine, nevertheless, I do thumb through it on occasion when I visit the dentist.

Do you suppose he (my dentist) will mind that I tore out part of a (March 7 edition) page detailing “9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy?”   You may want to send your students some of these methods … for between study sessions.  Included in the nine easy ways are:

• Take a catnap (the magazine recommends no longer than 30 minutes).
• Walk briskly for about ten minutes to raise your alertness level. 
• Munch almonds—but not in the library of course.  Almonds are loaded with magnesium (also, I discovered, with fat).
• Eat snacks—also outside the library—composed of carbos and proteins, for a “longer-lasting” power boost.
• Sip green tea.  In addition to the law students' main nutrient (caffeine), this fluid contains “the amino acid L-thiamine, which helps counteract energy-sapping anxiety.”
• Sniff some flowers.  No study quoted, but the magazine claims the scent of fresh flowers has been “proven to increase vitality and concentration by 17 percent.”
• Stretch for 30 seconds every quarter hour, according to research at LSU.
• Laugh.  Now that’s the toughest one to handle when studying for a law school final.
• Drink water.  Dehydration is draining.  Most libraries allow water.

Do you have other energy-boosting tips to pass along to students?  E-mail some to me and I’ll post them on the blog.  (djt)

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