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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time to Rethink Time

Now that your first-year students have experienced an entire semester of law school, from orientation to exams, they have a golden opportunity to rethink how they manage their time and make changes for the spring.  In the first days of law school, they may have received wonderful, practical advice on how to manage their time; but August and January are light years apart, and that same advice may play very differently now than it did then.  Now that they know what law school truly requires (exam results have a way of removing illusions), they are in a much better position to evaluate the effectiveness of their approaches to law school and to adjust them in realistic ways.

Your students may find Sheilah Vance's advice on time management a helpful guide as they assess their approaches to law school and refine their strategies for success.  Adapting the advice given by a number of experts in academic support, she provides students a balanced and detailed strategy for handling the demands of law school and their personal lives. (dbw)

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