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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Taking Notes: Custom Paper?

Do you teach your students how to take notes?

"I don't know what to write down," is a refrain I hear from wunnellesand it doesn't end with the end of the first semester.

It's not just what you write down, of course, it's how you write it, and what you do with what you've written.

I have recommended a variation of the "Cornell Note-Taking" system for quite a while (I have attached a few paragraphs explaining the method I suggest).  Imagine how surprised I was to find that students can now generate their own customized paper for taking notes!

Yes, yesterday my wife, Kristy, discovered an online resource we can direct students to, so theyKristy  need not depend on the bookstore anymore. 

How many lines per inch would you like on your paper?  Just how wide should that left-hand margin be?

Thanks, Kristy! (djt)

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