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Monday, December 19, 2005

Prayer in schools.....

Yesterday, I asked my eight-year-old daughter what she had learned in Sunday school. She told me they were learning, “how to pray.” I almost laughed, but she said it so earnestly, I knew better. I think she meant they were learning the ancient biblical Hebrew that makes up the prayers, but I was happy that she hasn’t seen a need for everyday, informal prayer in her almost nine years.

Law students know how to pray this way. I am certain of this, not only because I witness what seems to be prayer in the hallways or bathrooms here at the law school, but more because I remember being a law student myself. I prayed:  not to be called on; to be called on; for a break in the contracts reading; for a spot in the civil trial practice class. I prayed for good co-op jobs and favorable evaluations after exams. I prayed for snow (and/or blistering heat) on exam days. I prayed to pass the bar, and since there was a blizzard during the Massachusetts bar the February I took it, I think I may have gotten some of the prayers mixed up.

And it wasn’t a formal kind of prayer, more like a fervent internal chant: please, please, please……

As exams are winding down here, I sense a great relief in the building. The air is less thick with anxiety and fewer students are muttering to themselves. I can sense that their prayers have turned away from exams and maybe towards the generosity of the faculty members who are grading those exams. Perhaps their prayers are even moving into the holiday mode. I know mine have, so I pray that you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Please, please, please…(ezs).

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