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Sunday, December 11, 2005

An Insightful Comment

Dan recently published his brief essay, "The Closest Thing to Junior High Since Junior High" (December 6th).  Professor Amy Jarmon, Assistant Dean for Academic Success Programs at Texas Tech School of Law, added her comment, which I thought ought to be "posted" here, so y'all don't miss it.

Amy, pictured below, wrote:

Thank you for a wonderful, insightful column  on the confusion, pain, and fear that are encompassing our students right now.  Sadly, I find that it is not just my 1L students who are struggling with these emotions and thoughts.  Some of my 2L and 3L students have never recovered a sane perspective on law school and are "casualties" of the system.

This time of year always reminds me that as an academic success professional my job title is really Jarmon "CHIEF ENCOURAGER" for many students.  I have had students dropping by for several weeks asking for "pep talks" and reassurance.  Some students are shy about the requests while others are very upfront about their immediate needs.  I gladly respond to those who ask.  And, I spend time walking the halls and student lounge smiling at one and all and trying to spread some cheer to those who do not cross my threshold.

I always feel blessed to have this position because it combines my education and law backgrounds.  But, I realize each December (and May) that most of all I need to be a blessing to others — some of them with worried faces, trembling smiles, or false bravado.   

Thanks for your comment, Amy.  (djt)

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