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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Avoid Those Unsightly Bulges

"Concealed weapons create problems when fitting a suit," advises attorney/mediator Rod Borlase.  "It is important to bring one’s weapon at the time of fitting."  Of course.

Do we have your attention? 

Do students ever ask you for advice on how to dress when they are ... Borlase

  • About to go to court?
  • Preparing for a job interview?
  • Thinking ahead to a trial competition?

Professor Borlase has published an informative essay you may wish to draw from.  Or not. 

Noting that his "... essay is written almost exclusively for men," the author directs our attention to "... a few points that women can garner from it." For example, after not falling into the "disheartening" trap of adopting some of the "most egregious of men's professional fashion errors" (like wearing "black funeral suits"), women ought to eschew shoes with "block heels, as if sawed off a pig’s hock."  Now you're talking.

Take a look and see if you agree with Professor Borlase.  I have a suspicion that this advice is somewhat regional. 

Your thoughts?  (djt)

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