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Monday, October 10, 2005

Practicing Now

Marrapese In "What Did I Do Wrong," an article by Jennifer J. Marrapese, Esq. (a law firm coach and consultant), the author offers "outrageous" examples of attorney behaviors that drive clients away.

When I encourage students to "practice" law in law school, professionalism is the watchword.  This article, written for attorneys, highlights ten no-no's ... many of which our students can practice avoiding now.

How about this as an example of professionalism directly applicable to the academic enterprise: "Prepare ahead for a ... meeting with a client by anticipating his questions and having the answers ready...." 

Several of Ms. Marrapese's examples deal with timeliness.  "I received five frantic-sounding voice mails from my client today.  He wanted my immediate help ... Unfortunately, I was tied up ... and didn't have time to call him back."  Here's another: "I didn't do my homework today.  I received a message from the client about a matter he had asked me to research a week ago."

Suggestion: encourage your students to practice professionalism, preparedness and timeliness as they work their way through law school, with this objective: entering the professional practice with excellent professional skills and habits.  Guess what: their grades may reflect their professionalism.  (djt)

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