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Sunday, October 16, 2005

At the Halfway Point

Aren't we about halfway through the first semester?

GlasswaterHow are your wunnelles doing?  No doubt, many are doing well (with the emphasis on doing); that is, they are not only accomplishing the pre-class chores of reading and briefing, but are also engaging in the real learning activities the post-class work.

On the other hand, because they receive little feedback, many are lulling themselves into believing they're doing well because they "know the material," or think they do.

About this time of year, I send a letter to each student, suggesting they consider tweaking their study regimes.  This year, I pulled a handful of surveys I've collected over the years, to determine the study habits of students who thought they were doing well, then surprised themselves by not hitting their mark.  These are the study methods to avoid, wouldn't you say?

I have attached my letter to this blog post, but deleted the numeric information and names of folks other than me.  If you would like to use the letter as a model to encourage your own students, go ahead and refashion it to suit your school's circumstances, and your program objectives.

Let me know what you think.  (djt)

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