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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Inner Voice

Steven Keeva, an assistant managing editor of the ABA Journal, writes a column in that publication entitled "Keeva on Life and Practice." 

Keevalawday As a non-lawyer journalist, Mr. Keeva has spent years investigating and writing about what goes on in the heads of lawyers.  Years ago, I read his wonderful book, Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life, and recommended it to many lawyer friends.

Last year, Mr. Keeva addressed our faculty and students, and appeared at a special meeting of the Rhode Island Bar Association.  He spoke, as he often does, of the concept of mindfulness ... of consciously moving through each minute, hour, day and life. 

Mr. Keeva's most recent writing is available to you on page 76 of the September 2005 issue of the ABA Journal.  In this month's column, he encourages lawyers to "Listen Well," and provides a few anecdotal instances of where/how some lawyers are doing just that.

One example he introduces is ... "[in a large firm in Minneapolis] ... lawyers along with ... support staff have learned to meditate from an experienced partner." One partner remarked, he reports, "My God, this really enhances me."  Last summer, the firm held a half-day program for summer associates, to help them consider good health and balance.

Do you emphasize balance?  One of our faculty members, himself a meditator, has encouraged students to join him, resulting (very quickly) in a student organization devoted to encouraging meditation on campus.

What better way to address the angst of wunnelles?  (djt)

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