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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Helping Students after Katrina

As Academic Support Professionals, how can we help?

Here's an example.  Scour the internet for letters like this one, and respond.  I found this (and many others) at

Question from 1L Rekha Tavva
I am a common law 1L and am completely frustrated and at a loss as of what to do and with time running out on my options I am seeking any and all advice. I was given permission to attend Loyola Chicago and MSU as a visiting student with tuition and books waived and provided respectively, however, now that I know that U of H will somewhat be Loyola's satellite campus I am confused as to what I should do. I know that many 1L's have decided to give it a go at other schools but I want to know if this is the wisest choice. Basically, I am asking people for the pros and cons of each decision. If any professor or classmate is reading this, I would greatly appreciate your advice on this pertinent matter. My email address is or and my phone number is 310-435-6479. Hope to hear from anybody. Thanks a million for your advice and time...and I hope all is well.

Let me know if you find other sites where students are reaching out for help we may offer.

See what these students and their families and friends are going through ... Professional photos from TIME magazine ... a photoessay, "The Day After Katrina."

From the "everything New Orleans" (NOLA) web site: Amazing photographs of Katrina's effects. (djt)

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