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Friday, August 5, 2005

A Hip Way to Hit the Road

Even though I live in country in Vermont, where cell phone reception is so random that my monthly phone bill can often feel more like a donation rather than compensation for service, I still have a thing for gadgets and advances in technology. 

Yet, I'm not into gadgets just for the sake of the gadget.  My interest is always with an eye toward how to use the latest technology to help me to do my job faster, more efficiently and more in sync with my personal learning style.

And, hey, it is cool that I can have my calendar, phone book, family pictures and any documents that I am writing in a tiny gadget that fits in my pocket.  (A cumbersome paper calendar? Haven't kept one since 2001). 

My latest purchase?  An IPod.  Yes, my husband rolled his eyes when I purchased the pink leather cover and the hip arm band to use the IPod while exercising, but there's more than just the neat accessories that attracts me to the IPod.  I'm becoming aware of the tremendous opportunity to use the technology to help law students to learn better and to help me to work smarter.

For example, it can function as an external hard drive, with incredible memory capability.  For the ADHD student who needs music in order to focus, the player is pocket size and can hold an audio library.  It can slip into a pocket and be brought anywhere.  (My IPod has 476 songs and an audio book that I purchased and downloaded and still has 1.4 gigabytes free of the 4.0 GB capacity).

The capacity to use the IPod to become a more efficient attorney is available.  For instance, one can record onto the IPOD with additional accessories.  Interested in reading more, you might want to read this article about the use of an IPod in law practice.  (els)

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