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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Living Without the Bar Exam

And on the topic of the bar exam, there's one jurisdiction that is looking at discarding it altogether.

New Hampshire, the state with the "Live Free of Die" motto on its license plate, and the state where I hold a license (which I obtained through sitting for the bar examination) is starting a pilot program with this year's incoming class at the State's only law school.

A select group of 25 students at Franklin Pierce Law Center will have the opportunity to earn their law licenses in New Hampshire without taking the traditional two-day rite of passage after graduation.

Students will, however, undergo rigorous evaluation of their work.

The students will demonstrate their mastery of the fundamental skills of lawyering through the Webster's Scholars Program, run by a veteran lawyer and long-standing Franklin Pierce adjunct faculty member, John Garvey, who recently left private practice after a more than two-decade-long career.

I look forward to watching this story unfold.  As the updates come to my attention, I'll pass them along to you, the blog readers. 

Thank you to my Lexis-Nexis rep., Attorney John Harding, for bringing the link to this article to my attention. (els)

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