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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Learning Styles Assessment Info

Dr. Amy L. Jarmon, Assistant Dean for Academic Success Programs at Texas Tech University School of Law, alerted me to this choc-fulla-assessment-tools site.

The Policy Center on the First Year of College is located on the campus of Brevard College in North Carolina.  That "policy center" welcomes you (us) to the Learning Styles Assessment Instruments Resource Page.

The page contains information on selected assessment instruments which are often used to assess student learning styles.

Caveat: "The information is provided as a service to higher educators. We do not specially endorse any particular instrument, but rather provide information so that readers can make informed choices on their own."  (I second that.)

What kinds of learning style assessment instruments are featured?  Oh, how about Field Dependence/Field Independence Instruments, Jungian Instruments, Sensory Instruments, Social Interaction Instruments, Multiple Intelligences Instruments, Approaches to Learning Instruments, and Multiple Model Instruments.  What's left?

Thank you, Amy!  (djt)

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