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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lawyers Returning for Leadership Lessons

An interesting story in the New York Law Journal highlights the need in the profession for lawyers to be trained as leaders, or, as the article points out, retrained as leaders.

The new training programs are an apparent response from a gap in the skills of lawyers to adapt their management styles amid the changing landscape of law firms and the trend toward mergers.

"The advent of these new leadership training programs apparently comes from a void in the education market. Law firms decry a lack of training in law schools as a big reason for starting their own leadership training programs," the article notes.

"Most schools do not have law firm management courses, and those that do so usually offer them as electives. Moreover, the courses generally are geared toward solo or small-firm management and focus on setting up practices."

Are we seeing a beginning of a new trend of training in law schools?  (els)

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