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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Virtual Citation World

I don't do The Bluebook.

You may.

I don't.  It's my own personal line in the sand. 

Students, who are accustomed to me rolling up my sleeves and digging into the work of helping them to improve all aspects of their 1L skills, are understandably taken aback at my definitiveness, which is often coupled with a referral to their legal writing professors.

Now I have a teaching tool to do the work for me.  Enter "CITESTATION." 

The folks at West have created an interactive citation course that can be added onto an existing TWEN Course.

As I sponsor a TWEN Course through the ASP Office at Vermont Law School to publicize events for students, to post the PowerPoint slides from my presentations, to give out handouts and to offer useful links for students, I just contacted the West technical assistance by phone (1-800-486-5876) and they promised to link it to my ASP TWEN Page.

The two CiteStation courses were created by:  Pamela Lysaght, U. of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Danielle C. Istl, U. of Windsor, Ontario,


Bradley G. Clary, U. of Minnesota Law School, and


Sharon Reich Paulson, U. of Minnesota Law School.

West will provide a printed manual for teachers, including the answers and the questions.  They plan to update the program in time for the fall semester start to reflect the editorial changes in the 18th Edition.  Once the updates are available, teachers will be prompted to update CiteStation when they log onto the exercise.

Hmn, so I don't do the Bluebook, but my TWEN site does; there's a new twist on delegation.  (els)

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