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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Recharged Batteries

Multiple Choice Question

Here's a multiple-choice question everyone should get right ...
A national conference is only as good as its:

   (a) Sponsoring organization
   (b) Development committee
   (c) Host school
   (d) Participants
   (e) Agenda and topics
   (f) Materials provided
   (g) All of the above.

I happened to find a kudo on my desk - next to the Westlaw paperweight - and I intend to gift-wrap it and send it to Kent Lollis.  I will hunt around the office for more, but I'm sure I could never find enough to send one to each deserving recipient.

Most of what I have learned about law school academic support has come directly from attendance at these LSAC national and regional conferences.  This summer conference was no exception. 

One of the greatest "lessons" learned - again and again at these gatherings - is that people involved in academic support are unusual.  In a good ... no, great ... way.  We don't just have jobs.  Most of us look at what we do more as a "calling."  What a great bunch to hang out with!

One of my colleagues at Roger Williams just asked me this morning, "Do you still get something out of these conferences?" 

"You bet," I responded.  I intend to make substantial changes - not just "tweaks" - to the Academic Support Program here ... all based on what I learned from my friends at the conference. 

And more importantly, each time I attend a conference, I extend my network ... that is, I find more and more people to turn to for advice when needed.  Believe me, I need it often. (djt)

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