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Monday, June 20, 2005

Lessons from the Practicing Attorneys

If you're still holding a law license or two you may find your state bar association a good locus for a useful training.  On Friday, I attended a day-long workshop entitled, "Time Mastery for Lawyers: 60 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity and Satisfaction," arranged by the New Hampshire Bar Association.


Frank Sanitate, a consultant from California, led the day-long trek through muddled calendars and undone to-do lists into a positive discussion of goal setting and strategies to free up more leisure time and to make work hours more efficient and satisfying. 

As the cover of his book on time management notes, his approach is "State-of-the-Heart Time Management."   

Dont_go_to_work_unless_its_funEven though I only recently left (or escaped, depending upon your perspective) the practice of law I was struck by how my memories have started to fade of the urgent demands of clients, the vagaries of court calendars and the headaches of scheduling depositions.   Sitting in a room discussing ways for a lawyer to schedule her time reminded me: a) of the privilege of teaching in a law school, and b) of the importance of keeping touch with the profession so that I can best help my students to prepare themselves through school to practice at an optimal level. 

Most astonishing was the lesson this business consultant gave to this member of the teaching profession:  how to keep a room full of attorneys engaged and interested for a full day.  My hat was off to him.  (els)

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