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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

What's Your Focal Point?

Focalpointcover_lg Here's a book you might enjoy reading to help focus your attention on achieving a more balanced and rewarding life or to help your students to do the same.

The book makes some sweeping promises on the cover about how its contents will, "simplify your life, double your productivity, and achieve all your goals."  Whether you'll find that to be true is another matter, but it's a worthwhile and quick read. 

Personal productivity guru Brian Tracy explores the importance of setting a clear goal, or focal point, in all aspects of one's life as a means to achieve greater effectiveness at work and greater rewards in one's personal life and relationships.  With the tendency for law school to consume both teachers' and students' time, it's always good to have a reminder of the importance of clear thinking as the work piles up. 

Interested?  You can read excerpts of Focal Point now.

Tracy's website contains a list of all of his titles and some free resources, including a test of your management style at work.  (els).

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