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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bar Examination Resources

Vernellia University of Dayton School of Law's Professor Vernellia Randall directs the school's Academic Excellence Program.  Professor Randall's web pages (there must be hundreds of separate pages) are filled with information that is not just helpful, but critically important to law students and those who teach them.

On the series of pages beginning with "Passing the Bar," Professor Randall includes an array of links we ought to become familiar with.  "This Site," she explains, "provides advice to law students and recent law school graduates on preparing for the bar including advice on how to take bar essay exams and multiple choice exams."  That, my friends, is a very modest summary. 

Wise_1 For example, under the heading "Other Bar Passage Resources," Professor Randall links to fourteen, other "resources."  One link I found very helpful - not only for its California Bar information, but for the nationally applicable advice - is Attorney Travis A. Wise's well-designed California Bar Exam Primer site.  A 2000 Santa Clara graduate, Mr. Wise provides an abundance of explanations and advice (including what the letters "PMBR" stand for).

If you find other bar prep web sites that would help our students and those who prepare them for bar examinations, please send them to Vernellia Randall to add to her growing list on the web site (if you include a "cc" to me, I may include the links on this Blog).  Also, if you find Professor's Randall's pages and bar links to be a valuable resource, let her know.  (djt)

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