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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Academic Support Programs: Effective Support Through a Systemic Approach

Adam_g_toddAn article by Salmon P. Chase College of Law Professor
and Director of Academic Support Adam G. Todd.

In this 2002 - 2003 article, Professor Todd reviews and suggests steps for delivery of academic support programs (ASP) on a more system-wide basis in order to engage a greater number of students and faculty.

The author argues that unless academic support is fully integrated within a law school, the promotion of social, racial, and economic diversity in the legal profession may not ultimately be achieved.

By using the Salmon P. Chase College of Law Academic Support Program as a case-study, Professor Todd highlights techniques designed for systemicapplication.  Examples include holding workshops and participating in faculty meetings with doctrinal professors, offering to co-teach courses with doctrinal professors, creating voluntary as well as mandatory summer courses designed for incoming students, and collaborating with legal
writing professors.

Finally, Professor Todd cautions that these techniques must be implemented “with great tact, patience, and political acumen” as each school’s faculty, administration, and student body differs. 

(For this review, and others I post, I thank my Research Assistant, Ronald Belluso, a second-year student at Roger Williams Law School.  Ron provides invaluable assistance not only to this Blog effort, but also to the Academic Support Program at our school, by assisting me with the administration of our first-year spring semester Agency class.  djt)

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